SM&A’s field engineering area is responsible for the assistance of the clients and provide intervention needed in equipments and systems.

Whether for tests, commissionings of new installations or preventive and corrective maintenance, the team is ready and equipped with the necessary tools. It also offers consulting for the compliance with NR-10 and NR-12 safety standards, trainings and others.

Main activities in field engineering

  • As-built of functional, one-line and three-line diagrams of installations;
  • Commissioning of high, medium and low voltage electrical equipment;
  • Commissioning of ground grids (measurement of grounding resistance, continuity measurement grids, inspections, measurement of step and touch voltages);
  • Factory diligence and final inspection;
  • Preparation of operation and maintenance procedures;
  • Technical reports of faults, failures and burns;
  • Field survey for studies and projects;
  • Electrical measurements (demand, power factor, voltage imbalance, harmonics, transients, etc);
  • Soil resistivity measurements for ground grid calculations and gradient control;
  • Parameterization and tests of protection relays;
  • Panel retrofit (replacement of electromechanical relays with digital technology relays);
  • Start-up and assisted operation;
  • Supervision of electrical assemblies;
  • Trainings on protection relays, operation and maintenance in substations.
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SM&A has a calibration control system for its instruments according to ISO 9001.

Therefore, all instruments necessary to carry out the works described are periodically calibrated. See the description of our main instruments and materials below:

Main test devices

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  • EMBRASUL RE-6000 Energy Analysers – Measurement instrument for electrical magnitude and energy quality;
  • Protective relay tester (Monophasic, triphasic and hexaphasic);
  • Hi-pots (60kVcc and 10kVca) – Test device for dielectric tests;
  • Digital Simultaneity Meter – Device for the measurement and checking of the simultaneity between the poles of circuit-breakers, opening and closing time;
  • Analogic and Digital Meggers (10kVcc and 5kVcc) – Device for insulation resistance tests;
  • Digital Microhmmeter of 10 and 100A – Device for the measurement of contact resistance and ohmic resistance of coils;
  • Digital Pliers Grounding Device – Instrument for grounding measurement;
  • Digital Grounding Device – Instruments for measurements of continuity betwenn grids, general grid resistance and soil resistivity;
  • Compact Thermal Imaging System – Camera to make images and verify the temperatures of equipments.