SM&A offers to its clients electrical studies prepared with expertise by our team.

Our vast experience on field and in the several segments, brought along the highest reliability to our products.

Main activities in power system studies

  • Analysis of the safety on grounding systems of industrial plants and substations;
  • Arc flash hazard study and personal protective equipment specifications;
  • Power flow study;
  • Dynamic motor starting study with voltage drop analysis;
  • Study of harmonic penetration and methods for mitigation;
  • Analysis of coordination and selectivity of protection systems;
  • Insulation coordination studies;
  • Short Circuit study;
  • Studies on stability and rejection of loads for systems with local cogeneration;
  • Electromechanical and electromagnetic transient phenomena studies.
Estudos Elétricos - Subestação

Main softwares used

SKM Power Tools PTW32 - SM&A Sistemas ElétricosSoftware for the calculation of short-circuits (IEC909 module), power flow and motor starting (DAPPER module), harmonic flow (HI-WAVE), selectivity and coordination (CAPTOR module), arc flash hazard (ARC FLASH module).

one-line-diagram-etap-14Software for the calculation of short-circuits (SHORT-CIRCUIT module), power flow (LOAD FLOW module), harmonic flow (HARMONICS module) and sizing of ground grid (GROUND GRID SYSTEMS).

ANAREDE CEPEL - SM&A Sistemas ElétricosSoftwares for the calculation of power flow and short-circuit, developed by CEPEL;

TecAt Plus - Potencial Superfície 3D - SM&A Sistemas ElétricosOfficina de Mydia Engineering Reloaded – Software for the sizing of ground grids for Substations, Primary Switchgears, Transmission, Distribution, LPS (Lightning Protection System), Telecom, etc.

Our power system studies team also offers:

Estudos elétricos - SKM Power Tools
  • Expert reports for the profiting of State Goods and Services Tax (ICMS) on electric power invoicing;
  • Inspections, diagnosis and recommendations for the industrial installations’ compliance with the requirements provided by safety standards (NR-10 and NR-12);
  • Studies for new accessing users of the basic power grid or to the electric power distribuition network of the Brazilian Interconnected System according to the grid proceedings of the Electric System National Operator (ONS) and according to the requirements of the Ministry of Mines and Energy such as Studies on the Minimum Global Cost;;
  • Studies of the technical and economic feasibility for new enterprises and modernization of existing plants.