Joule Engineering and Representations

Joule is a company of the SM&A group and an exclusive representative in Brazil for the products, systems, solutions and services of the English company Moisture Reduction Systems – MRS.

Logo MRS Moisture Reduction SystemsMRS is the owner of a unique patent worldwide of a moisture control process in material stockpiles such as iron ore, limestone, blast furnace slag, sand, copper ore, bauxite, salt, biomass and others.

The MRS system aims at reducing the moisture percentual that gathers in the stockpiles of granular material in a controlled way. This “drying” of the material takes place without the use of thermal power, employing a vacuum-driven system that consumes very low levels of electrical power , which increases the capacity of material transportation (lifts, belt conveyors, trucks, trains or ships free from the weight of water will transport more material instead). Besides this main benefit, such as environmental advantages, easy handling of material, stability increase of stockpiles, stability of the transportations means (ship, truck or train), water can be reused and energy will be spared. In some cases, like in the cement plants, operational improvements of the final product grinding process are noticed when dryer slag is additivated. Again, the energy costs are reduced in the slag drying process, which can be significant for the operational costs.

For further information and details, please visit the MRS site MRS.