The Company

SM&A was established in March of 2000, originally named Severino Macedo Consultoria e Engenharia, a supply specialist in the area of industrial electrical power systems.

Votorantim Cimentos - Turquia

Along its existence, SM&A developed a strong trend as a consultant and provider of full electrical engineering solutions. Continously growing, the company developed better management and opened a series of activities, improving the quality of the services provided, acting in several segments of industrial activities such as steelwork, mining, cement in projects for infrastructure works such as ports and airports, and power electrical systems up to 345kV. Nowadays, SM&A is an experienced company designing services for food and drug industries, among many others.

The company carries out three steps of electrical projects:

  • Conceptual design;

  • Detailed and basic design;

  • Supervision of assemblies, testings, commissioning and start-ups.

SM&A is ready to provide not only regular daily requests but also its clients’ most challenging engineering undertakings.

Porfolio of specialized engineering services

Electrical engineering
design projects

Why should you choose SM&A?

From the conceptual definition of an electrical project with all its project steps, to the field supervision support, commissioning and start-up, SM&A is prepared to turn your enterprise into an overwhelming success.


  • A professional team with over 30 years of experience

  • Full and innovating solutions

  • A team of specialists

  • A prominent international experience

  • Use of state-of-the-art technology

Quality Policies

SM&A is committed to constantly look for a better quality and effectiveness of the products, services, processes and systems of quality management through its partnership with the clients, collaborators and suppliers complying with the requirements set forth in an effort to fulfill its product performance and its clients’ satisfaction.


Our mission is to provide engineering services for electrical systems, contributing for the success of our clients’ enterprises, as well as that of our collaborators’ and all those committed, directly or indirectly, to our activities!

The company has grown and conquered an ongoing fidelity of its clients over the years, and its main goal is still the same since its foundation: their successful undertaking.